English > Turkish translation

Just like all the other responsible translators, I prefer translating into my native language.
Therefore, I can guarantee delivering perfectly flowing and 100% accurate Turkish texts in all my translations.

Through the years I have worked as a freelance translator, I have translated over 5,000,000 words in the following fields. You can find my project history here, I have crazy plans of updating it retrospectively until 2004!

So, yes: you can trust me with all your heart on these big, challenging, multilingual translation projects, or the translation of strictly confidential and important documents of your company that require ultimate attention to detail, consistency, punctuality, and quality.

Automotive, Machinery & Electronic Devices 
User manuals, Workshop manuals and Marketing materials

Business & Legal
Contracts, Websites, Training Seminars, Quality Management Documents, Anti-Corruption Policies, Job Safety Instructions

Computers & IT
Brochures and Handbooks of Computers, Networks, Software & Hardware

Medical (General)
Medical Instruments, Clinic Trial Reports, Online Healthcare Platforms, Dentistry, Pharmaceuticals

Marketing & PR

Press releases, Websites, Commercial subtitles, General Marketing materials


I also have experience in the following fields, and I would like to specialize in them:

✔ Academic & Educational

Translation of academic texts for Academics, researchers, students, universities and institutions working within the arts and humanities.

✔ Environment & Green Energy

  • renewable energy
  • geothermal energy
  • wind power
  • solar power


Turkish > English Translation

Just like all the other English language translators who are based in their home country, I often receive translation requests into English. I avoided accepting these requests -mostly unless they were favors for friends and family- until recently.

Then, I have started working with an English-native proofreader who studied in Turkey.
So I can deliver flawless Turkish into English translations on my specialization fields above.

Please contact me if you need a native Turkish translator, and let’s discuss how I can help you.